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At the start of her career Linda Lovelace costarred in Doggarama, a seedy porn loop with Eric Edwards and a dog.
"You sure this baby knows what to do?" Bob Wolf asked the dog owner, a young man in his twenties.
"Oh, yeah, don't worry about old Norman," said the owner. "We tried him out last night and you don't have to worry about Norm. He knows the score."
"You tried him out last night," Wolf said. "You're sure that was a smart thing to do?"
"This old fellow can go all day and all night. Don't sweat it. Last night was just to remind him what to do. Him and my old lady got it on."
"He got it on with your old lady?" asked Wolf.
"Yeah, and he was fantastic. It's a good thing I'm not the jealous type."
Doggarama shows Eric and Linda Lovelace indulging in anal sex before the blond stud leaves. Appearing unsatisfied, Linda looks around and sees a dog. She snaps her fingers and says "Ooooh."
Norman - the porn dog - pads over and Linda starts sucking his dick.
According to Eric Edwards: "I was floored. After I finished doing Linda anally, I just sat back and watched. She was really into it. I was in awe. I had never seen a woman having sex with a dog before, but it became the thing to do. It was a strange period. There were no real laws then. The business was going any which way it could. There were stud dogs and there were losers. We'd have a strange dog come onto the set to do actress A and he wouldn't like her and he wouldn't get into it. So the actress would try placing a hot dog in her pussy and covering it with mayonnaise. But this dog was a stud. He knew what to do. He mounted her from behind and did her doggie style. I don't know why they didn't bring any cute girl dogs for me."
After the filming, Wolf said to Chuck Traynor, "It's too bad you couldn't bring that other broad. This fuckin' dog is game for more. Look at him - we've got a real winner here. Hey, nice dog. Good dog."
"He could've handled two easy," said Norman's the dog's owner said.
During the 1980;s, Linda Lovelace claimed that she was threatened with a gun and told to perform sex on the dog or die.
Says porn historian Jim Holliday: "I talked to the five people who made Dogarama. Eric Edwards, Chuck Traynor, the cameraman-director Bob Wolfe, the dog's owner, and the money man. Their story is the same. I'm going to take the word of a woman [Linda Lovelace] with an axe to grind over five persons who were there? Let the public think what they want. I'm telling you, she's full of shit. These five guys to conspire and tell a story and remember it for many years, with all the drugs and alcohol and life experiences they've had, that would be a conspiracy that would make me want to have them installed as the directors of the Soviet Union or the CIA. Linda Lovelace's story that she was victimized is as ludicrous as those yoyos who think that Neil Armstrong and the boys landed in Arkansas and that the whole moon landing was a hoax. If America doesn't want to believe the truth, I can't help them. The owner of the dog says that Linda Lovelace, a couple of days after, asked if the dog was still available. The owner was gay. If you study the loop, when the dog mounted Linda Lovelace, he went straight in her butt. He knew what to do. That tells me the owner and the dog had something going on."
Linda Lovelace gained a reputation for her enthusiasm for fucking dogs. She reportedly put on bestiality shows for Hugh Hefner and company at his Playboy mansion in West Los Angeles.
Linda and Chuck flew to Los Angeles where Linda did a 4/73 Playboy pictorial with photographer Richard Fegley. They visited Hugh Hefner at his Playboy mansion. Hugh said he loved Deep Throat because it was more than straight sex, but also had comedy and a story. But Hefner was more interested in Linda's dog flick.
"That was terrific," Hefner said. "We tried that several times, tried to get a girl and a dog together, but it never worked out."
"That can be tricky," said Chuck. "The chick's gotta know what she's doing."
Chuck and Hugh Hefner spent the next couple of hours talking about sex with animals. At Hugh's regular orgies at the Playboy mansion, Chuck pushed Linda on to Hugh, hoping to develop his friendship with the publisher. But when Traynor realized that Hefner would never bring him into his world as a partner, he and Linda left. According to Eric Edwards: "Linda was easy to work with. She was friendly and seemed to enjoy what she was doing. I never saw her with black eyes or bruises. I never had any indication that she was unhappy with what she was doing."
A porn peer of Linda Lovelace's from the early 1970’s New York sex scene remembers: "Linda Lovelace would suck anything that was attached to a dick. She loved sucking dog dick as much as guy dick."
Linda Lovelace And Doggarama - Sex With A Dog
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